Reliable Freight, Trucking and Transportation Services

Our family run trucking company, Omnipotent DE LLC, is a leading member of America’s vast and highly active trucking industry.

We are responsible for the transportation and carrying of material tonnage exceeding thousands, offering to transport everything from automobiles to cargo and heavy machinery, nationwide.

No matter the type of cargo our clients need transported, we have them covered!

Service Options

Our service options vary and can be negotiated depending on the size, type and weight of the cargo you wish to transport.

Our fleet is capable of moving everything from auto-mobiles to furniture, heavy equipment to supplies, liquid cargo to perishable goods and everything in between.
Get in touch with us regarding your specific transportation needs and our company professionals will be more than happy to recommend trucking options which suit your cargo ideally!

Service Costs

Our rates are highly competitive. Costs are based on cargo type, trailer type, weight and distance that the cargo needs to be transported.

We offer loyalty rates to clients who have been in long standing business with us. You can get a quote or estimate right now by clicking on the ‘Ask for a Quote’ button and filling and submitting the required information form.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee to provide you only the best transportation services which include strict adherence to deadlines, safe and secure transportation of freight cargo as well as operation under full licensing and insurance.

Needless to say, if you have Omnipotent DE LLC looking after your transportation needs, you can rest assured that you’re in the most capable hands and that your cargo will get to its destination on time and as good as you left it!