Stress-free and Reliable Auto Transportation, and Freight Shipping with Safety, Security and Ease

Do you want to transport autos from the US to Mexico? Or thinking of freight shipping from Canada to the U.S.? Get in touch with Omnipotent DE LLC.

Serving clients across the US, Mexico and Canada, for over years, we are a licensed, and trusted logistics company committed to providing quality, reliable, safe and timely auto transportation and freight shipping services.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of services that are designed exclusively to facilitate clients helping them manage their supply chain efficiently and handling cargo with complete responsibility and maximum security. Not only do we provide you with top notch and an extensive variety of shipping services, you also get to enjoy a stress-free experience because we manage your freight with safety and security. We make sure that it reaches your desired destination at the right time in top condition.

Areas of Service Specialization
At Omnipotent DE LLC, we specialize in the following services:

  • Auto Transport
  • Freight Transport
  • Shipping Households Goods
  • Shipping Heavy Equipment and Cars (Local & Overseas)

Auto Transport

We provide you with affordable and safe auto transportation services. You can be confident that your vehicles will be transported on safe carriers on time and at the right location. At Omnipotent DE LLC, we offer you a plethora of auto transportation options to choose from accompanied with dependable auto relocation services. Enclosed Auto Transport

This service is perfect for transporting antique, luxury, exotic, racing cars or cars for auction. Featuring customized and enclosed trailers for auto transportation with drop decks, lift gates, we ensure a safe journey for your vehicles. Enclosed trailers provide the best protection against both weather and road conditions thereby preventing the risk of damage from winds, rain or rocks.

Save a great deal of time on terminal to terminal auto shipping with door to door transport service. Under this service, we pick up and drop off your vehicles at our specified location. Therefore, there is no need for you to waste your time on dropping off or picking up vehicles at the terminal.

Open car shipping is the perfect choice for transporting vehicles like pickup trucks, coupes, minivans and Sedans at affordable pricing. We have a team of well-trained truckers who will neatly strap cars and pack them in carrier in order to lower mobility & vibration during transit. Not only is it cheaper but faster too. We can ship up to ten cars at a time under this service.

Similar to a trailer, featuring a flatbed attached to a truck, it’s perfect for transporting oversized vehicles. Benefit from our flatbed transportation service if you want to transport vehicles like:

  • Cargo vans,
  • Oversized or large pickup trucks,
  • Limos,
  • Specialized construction vehicles  like bulldozers, and cranes, and
  • Buses

Simply stated, it’s the right service choice for transporting tall, wide and long vehicles that can’t fit on enclosed or open trailers.

Benefit from our local freight forwarder service for shipping your desired freight anywhere in your home state. It’s efficient, secure and timely.

Shipping from country to country or from one state to another is easy and stress-free when you take advantage of our long distance freight carrier service. Simply tell us what to ship, and we’ll have it done ASAP.

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