Transport Vehicles Anywhere You Want (Locally or Internationally) with Safety and Stress-Free

Automobile transportation is not easy, especially when it includes 6 to 8 cars and heavy vehicles like oversize cargo vans. This is predominantly because many automobile shipping and transportation services providers either don’t have the expertise, network, facility, or manpower to get the job done; or even when they do have all that it’s just too expensive to hire them. This is where we, Omnipotent DE LLC, come into the picture.

At Omnipotent DE LLC, we specialize in auto transportation and car freight shipping services.
Whether you want to transport vehicles to another state within the US or ship them internationally, we can assist you with them all, and that too at a price that will have you smiling.

We offer our clients premium, fast and reliable auto transportation and shipping services at affordable prices and with complete satisfaction. Rest assured, working with us is completely stress-free.

Enclosed Shipping

This option is perfect for those shipping high end vehicles such as luxury cars and boats. These are delivered to the desired destination in enclosed haulers 2 to 4 vehicles at one time.

Open Auto Transport Shipping

For shipping cars, motorcycles, trucks and even boats that are common, open auto transport shipping is the best and convenient option. It uses a standard shipping method where open haulers are used to transport maximum 20vehicles at a time.

International Auto Shipping

When it comes to shipping vehicles to another country, then consider this option. By means of large sized cargo ships, your vehicles will be delivered to the international port by sea or plane.

Door To Door Auto Shipping

Under this auto transport service option, your vehicles are picked up from and delivered to your given address (as close as your doorstep).

Flatbed Shipping

Vehicles like boats, oversized cargo vans, pickup trucks and construction equipment are transported via flatbed shipping as they cannot fit on enclosed or open carriers.

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